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The Finnish Association for the Teachers of Psychology (PSOP)

The Finnish Association for the Teachers of Psychology (PSOP) was founded in April in 1971. It is a pedagogical association whose major aim is to secure psychology tuition in upper secondary education and to defend psychology teachers´ interests by taking stands on political issues relating to the teaching of psychology. Another important goal is to enhance and promote psychology teaching at upper secondary level. To achieve this, constant pedagogical cooperation is required between the association and universities.

The association has established close contact with several teacher associations in Finland, such as the association for Humanities and Natural Sciences. PSOP also belongs to the Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ). In the past few years, PSOP has started cooperation with several sister organizations in different European countries, for instance with Britain, Scotland, Northern-Ireland, Estonia, Spain, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Slovakia. The Finnish Association is also an active member of the European Federation of Psychology Teachers´ Associations (EFPTA), which was founded on March 28, in 2004.


The Finnish Psychological Association has greatly helped our association to look after our interests. First of all, it was their initiative to start collaboration with the psychology examiners of the National Matriculation Examination Board. In addition, with their help we have managed to start rewarding students with outstanding results in psychology in the national exams. PSOP has also established contact with the Finnish scientific society that supports and develops psychological research and publishing in Finland (Suomen Psykologinen Seura). The society publishes a journal that has been given as an award for a few students with great merits in their psychology studies at upper secondary level.

The association attempts to meet the needs of all the members by organizing conferences on psychology teaching and other relevant issues. The PSOP board is elected in October in connection with one of our most important annual events. We publish a newsletter two times a year offering updating information on psychology. The newsletter also gives teachers an opportunity to share good practice.